SleepOvation Baby Mattress - FDA listed Crib mattress!

The safest & healthiest crib mattress!

  • Most Breathable Crib Mattress
  • Only Mattress Engineered to Reduce Harmful Pressure on Baby's Head
  • 2-Stage Design: 1 side for Infant / 1 side for Toddler
  • Removable / Washable Cover
  • Safe & Healthy Materials / OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100
  • 100% Made in the USA | 100% USA Components
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[Sec. 880.6450 Skin Pressure Protectors]

SleepOvation's crib mattress reduces pressure on the infant's scalp, heels, and elbows thereby reducing the likelihood that the infant develops pressure ulcers, bruises, or sores.

What's Inside

Safe & Healthy Materials

The SleepOvation Infant Mattress is thoughtfully designed with safe material alternative to keep your infant safe. The mattress foam is Certipur-US and the adhesives are Greenguard certified.

Airflow & Breathability

Engineered into every mattress cover are knitted in air-channels. These channels allow air to freely flow from the outside of the mattress into the inside of the mattress. The circulation of air will keep your baby cool and comfortable.

Ultimate Spine Support

Our individual cushion construction allows relief on heavier parts of the babies body, like their skull, while keeping the rest of their body comfortable and properly aligned.

Removable Cover

The mattress has a removable and machine washable cover to keep your mattress fresh and odor free.

Excessive Pressure Protection

The only crib mattress designed to reduce excessive skull pressure in infants.

2-Stage Mattress

The SleepOvation Infant Mattress is a 2-Stage mattress. When your baby grows to be a toddler, simply turn the mattress over.